Sunday Tea Time

Hey Sweet Friends!

We have been buzzing lately!  Rubbing elbows with the locals, top secret chatter and creating all the trendy gossip in our community!  We would like to stir the pot a little more and let you in on a decadent secret…shhhh!  It’s basically about to become the talk around town during this tea time.

To show how giddy we are about opening, we are hosting a delightful give away each day until our grand opening on Thursday, February 1st, 2018!  Here’s the dish on how it works…

  1. Comment your name on our Facebook link.  If you are feeling extra sweet tag a friend for an extra point.
  2. Like us on our Facebook page listed below.
  3. Then share us to your friends!  Don’t worry, your friends will be happy you shared the love.
  4. Find us on Instagram and start to follow us.

If you comment your name, like us on Facebook, share our post AND follow us on Instagram we will enter you name in our daily give away.  The top cherries (daily winners) will be announced on our Facebook page each day.

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Blu’s Crew