About Blu’s Treat Shoppe

Welcome to Blu’s Treat Shoppe!  We are giddy that you are visiting our website to learn more about our delicious little shop.  Located in downtown Evansville and right on Main Street we serve our local friends their favorite sweet and salty treats.  Although our passion is soft served frozen yogurt and ice cream,  all of our coffees, cotton candies, s’mores, fondues and shakes are made to order.  There are literally endless combinations that can be made to satisfy any craving.

Here’s the scoop on our family!  Surprise we live in Evansville and absolutely adore our small community.  We are beautifully blended just with a twist of two spunky poodles.  We love giving back to tour community and look forward to meeting you at Blu’s.25354036_10215285638116468_4044297732378526139_n