{Espresso Drinks}

Chai Latte:  Single shot of espresso mixed with our secret chi tea.  Shhhh!

Toasted Marshmallow Mocha:  This mocha recipe calls for two shots of espresso, toasted marshmallow syrup and steamed milk.  Topped with whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles. 

Coconut Latte:  Pull two shots of espresso and combine it with the sweet island flavor or coconut and you have a perfect drink.  Garnished with a bit steamed milk, foam and coconut flakes.  

Caramel Macchiato:  The ultimate caramel lover’s cup!  Double shot of espresso, steamed milk, vanilla, caramel sauce, foam and laced with more caramel.  Who wouldn’t?

French Vanilla Cappuccino:  It’s the simple things in life.  Add a simple shot of espresso, a dollop of french vanilla, steamed milk and a touch of foam.  Top it with whipped cream for an sweet treat!

Frappuccino:  Feel like blending for a cool espresso treat?  Let us serve you up a Frappuccino of your choice!  They’re out of this world!

Iced Coffee:  All of our espresso options can also be chilled on ice!  


{Iced Tea}

Twisted Passion:  Tazo passion tea, steeped, chilled on ice and mixed with berries!  It’s divine and utterly refreshing!

Prickly Peach:  A taste of sweet Georgia peach on ice.  Have it sweetened or unsweetened.  Either way, ya’ll will fall in love.

Raspberry:  Red raspberry tea at it’s brightest!  We make the best red raspberry tea in town!

Lemon & Honey:  The ultimate calming, cool and crisp tea we have on order.  The taste of sweet honey and the invigorating lemon are a perfect pair.



Rose & Elderflower:  This lemonade is only for the sophisticated pallet.  Sweet hints or rose and elderflower make this the perfect pairing.  Finished with a whimsical splash of Bobas.

Grandma Karen’s:  Shaken and not stirred is this classic sweet yet tart lemonade.  Squeezed with the juiciest lemons in Evansville.  Grab a rocking chair and chill with grandma on her porch.

Lavender:  Our lavender lemonade is hand squeezed and bursting with flavor.  The lemon and lavender make this beverage divine.  It’s crisp undertones will leaving you feeling relaxed and ready to start the day.

Dragon Fruit:  Whisk yourself away with this bright and bold dragon fruit lemonade.  Made with ripe lemons, freeze dried dragon fruit and a dash of passion fruit for the ultimate concoction.  It’s color is outrageous!

Blueberry & Hibiscus:  One of our personal favorites!  Sweet blueberry flavoring mixed with alluring hibiscus flower will having you in an attractive mood.  Topped off with fresh or freeze dried blueberries.  They’re so nice!

IMG_3589 (1)

{Milkshakes & Malts}

Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, honey, banana, salted caramel…the flavors are endless when you choose to use our soft-serve as your base!


{Pop Floats}

Take a step back in time when pop floats were all the craze!  Fill your cup with the desired soft-serve and pour in the root beer or orange soda pop.




Over The Rainbow Hot Chocolate:  Strawberry hot chocolate, topped with whipped cream and loaded with marshmallows and glitter!

Caramel Chocolatier:  Hot milk chocolate, smothered with whipped topping, caramel and marshmallow bites.  

Dark & Dreamy:  Dark hot chocolate steamed in milk, topped with marshmallows and chocolate sprinkles.  

Whipped White Hot Chocolate:  Start with steamed milk, white chocolate candies and finished with whipped topping.  Classic.  Simple.  Delicious.

Try a new modern take and add a bit of one of our flavors.  The hot chocolate world was just rocked!


{Hot Tea}

Lifted Cup selections:  Tropical, Caramel Dream Chi, Tuscan Pecan, Toasted Coconut

We also have green tea.


Orange, Grape, & Strawberry Pop

Root Beer and Cream Soda

Bottled Water

Spark Packets


Twist your taste buds by mixing your choice of soft-serve and toppings in our twisting machine!  It’s twisted!

{Soft Serve}
Create your own soft serve with 10 of our single flavors and 5 twisted treats.

BeFunky Collage

{Waffle, Pretzel & Cake Cones}

Ditch the dish for one of our giant waffle cones.  It’s a pleasant surprise to fill that beauty to the top!

We also like to take our cones for a dip in some sweet coatings!  Try a dipped cone if your feeling spunky.


{Frozen Cakes}

Create your own soft serve frozen cake or have us create one for you!  Frozen cakes must be ordered in advance.  Take a moment and think about it…yeah…that didn’t take a minute.  Call us!

BeFunky Collage



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